The marathon mentality

How do we come to the point of entering a marathon? Is it a mid-life crisis? is it a natural progression from shorter distances? are we looking for a new[…]

a Marathon training plan

Dublin marathon 2018 was sold out 5 months in advance but my wife had brilliantly entered me as I would have left it too late. This gave me a bit of time[…]

The world marathon majors

There are over 5000 marathon races run throughout the world every year. Some have only a handful of competitors up to 50,000 runners in the New York[…]

How much water should I drink when running in the heat?

There are so many different thoughts out there with regard to drinking water or keeping yourself hydrated while training in hot weather. Drinking water[…]

5 Ways to make running in hot weather easier

Throughout the world the main marathon seasons are spring. There is a reason for this and it’s because the weather is usually not too cold, but more[…]


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