Marcs Blog 4. Racing can be fun too!

It has taken me quite a while to realize that running a race does not necessarily mean to suffer as I just could not start slow enough or curb my[…]

Dublin Marathon 2018 Raceday

Race Day

the morning of dublin marathon

After months of training, the morning of the marathon is a very stressful time for a number of reasons. The logistics of travel, parking, eating enough[…]

Dublin marathon 2018 - Marathon week

Dublin Marathon 2018 - Marathon Week

Marcs blog 3. types of marathon runners

In any marathon, there’s seemingly a small group of elite runners who finish the race in a shade over 2 hours, and then there’s the rest of us.  Whats[…]

Marcs blog 2. Sometimes optimism is not a great thing

Once we have started running, we are on this incredible surge of positivity! Our bodies feel better, our heads feel better, we are making new friends and[…]

Marcs blog 1. you become the freak of nature

Welcome to the first blog of the OSAAT marathon band. Some if not most of you will have completed a marathon by now. Some will have completed a few[…]

Did you ever have a bad run?

Having a bad run.  

Your marathon race day checklist

With a lot of big marathons coming up I am often asked what sort of a checklist do I have or do I even have one. Make your own from the list below and[…]

The marathon mentality

How do we come to the point of entering a marathon? Is it a mid-life crisis? is it a natural progression from shorter distances? are we looking for a new[…]


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